From 2012

Beauregard Capital Limited was formed in 2012 following the acquisition of LH Ward Ltd by a team of Geneva based investment managers who were looking to provide alternatives to swiss wealth management. 
LH Ward Ltd was founded by Lorenzo Ward and had been an investment manager dedicated to fund solutions since 1999.

As a London-based investment manager regulated by the FCA, Beauregard Capital Limited is dedicated to provide private and institutional clients with innovative and proven solutions to manage their investments. 

Beauregard benefits from its own proprietary allocation models built over several years to construct portfolios that perform well on a risk adjusted basis. Our models include long term and cyclical relationships between equities, bonds and alternative assets. They include quantitative and qualitative inputs that have proven resilient in a variety of market conditions.

We offer a personalised investment management service based on an individual relationship with a small team of professionals that can demonstrate competence, experience and dedication to each client.